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Our Mission

We are a movement, that magnifies God, through mobilizing people, for maximum results.

You will experience the power of belief when what you see with your mind is more real than what you see with your eyes.

Dr. Jermone Glenn

Your life should cause people to ask how are you survivig in the fire? The answer is FAITH!

Brandan Kimble

Your brain does not understand what God is capable of doing though you.

Dr. Jermone Glenn

The sky is not the limit your thinkings is.

Dr. Jermone Glenn

Our Leaders


Dr. Jermone & Lady Erica Glenn serve as the Planters and Future Facilitators of The Revolution Culture Movement, a multicultural and multigenerational movement for Kingdom advancement in and beyond West Michigan. Together, this trailblazing team utilizes their shared wisdom, education, experience, and aptitude gleaned over the decades to influence lives for collective Kingdom impact. Serving in various capacities as leaders of local, regional and national executive boards, they understand the mantle and mandate God has in place concerning their lives and thus utilize their God-given passion and gifting to bring consciousness to culture in a way that translates across spiritual, social and secular realms. They consider it a privilege to lead an energetic group of individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit and charge to influence and impact culture through community and economic efforts and education. Jointly they share a zealous desire to refresh and refuel families and marriages through meaningful discussion of original intent and strategic mentorship. They are the highly favored parents of Josiah, Mona’e and Jonathan Glenn and reside in Grand Rapids, MI.




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We are a movement, that magnifies God, through mobilizing people, for maximum results.